Reuben Singh, CEO of alldayPA

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Reuben Singh founded alldayPA in 1999, and remains an integral part of the company’s success, fuelling the passion of the entire alldayPA team.

Known for his hands-on approach, Reuben can regularly be found working closely with all departments in alldayPA, and still spends time in the call centre to this day.

Reuben founded alldayPA on the passionate belief that he and his company could significantly elevate the standards of telephone answering services.

As a successful serial entrepreneur himself, Reuben understands the needs of small business owners and uses this insight as the driving factor behind the services alldayPA offer, and the culture within the organisation itself.

It is this insight and determination on the part of Reuben that has led alldayPA to become the UK’s most successful call answering service.

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Supported by the Board of Directors and Shareholders, Reuben leads the management team, whose primary focus is delivering his vision of providing expert call answering services to business up and down the UK and around the world.

Since founding alldayPA in 1999, Reuben has successfully steered the company through a restructure in 2004 which saw the enhancement of the board and the addition of new capital and expertise, and in 2014 a move to a new head office and operations centre in Salford Quays which saw the creation of 200 jobs in the area.

These key milestones in alldayPA’s history empowered the company to grow and to continue to provide an industry leading service to their 24,000 clients.

Looking forward, Reuben will stay at the helm of alldayPA, ensuring it stays at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation and supporting small businesses everywhere.

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