Reuben Singh's Other Business

As well as being the founder and CEO of alldayPA, Reuben also runs a number of other businesses that you can read about here.

Reuben Singh is a successful British entrepreneur, and is the founder and CEO of a number of successful businesses including alldayPA, Isher Capital, The Reuben Singh Scholarship and the Reuben Singh Trust.


  • Isher Capital

    Isher Capital is a Boutique Private Equity fund, targeted on supporting small businesses, start ups, and SME’s with immediate private equity. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Reuben and the Isher Capital group is perfectly placed to support and advise small business helping them to grow through mentoring and investment.

    One of the primary goals of Isher Capital is to invest in Call Centre, Telecomms, and BPO organisations, and they also work with retail and e-commerce, hospitality and technology firms.

    Isher Capital’s capital and portfolio places it is a strong position to continue growth throughout 2018 and beyond.

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  • Reuben Singh Scholarship

    The Reuben Singh Scholarship was set up to support young entrepreneurs in their education, to help them achieve academically while also running a successful business.

    Young Entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated business initiative and acumen will be invited to come and present to Reuben and his board, who in addition to providing them will invaluable advice on growing their business, will provide the best and brightest with a scholarship to help towards their university education.

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  • Reuben Singh Trust

    The Reuben Singh Trust was established by the Singh family to focus on a number of companies close to the heart of the family.

    It was created as an alternative to starting a new charity, and instead focuses on leveraging Reuben and the Singh families extensive business network to put money into the hands of already established charities who have the infrastructure ready to make the most benefit of any donations.

    The Trust also benefits from the extensive knowledge of Reuben and the wider Singh family’s other businesses, encouraging Executive from within the companies to benefit time to help and grow the trust and participate in its activities.

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His business acumen has been acknowledged through a number of accolades, from being named a pioneer of the nation by Her Majesty the Queen, having his portrait hung in the national gallery, working for the Government on a number of councils and select committees targeted at benefitting small businesses, and even receiving an honorary doctorate in philosophy.

Today, Reuben manages several businesses and is a serial investor in a number of start-ups and high growth businesses.