About Us

From our Directors to our PAs, we're here to deliver great customer service to you and your callers.

About Us

At alldayPA we believe in 3 things above everything else. We believe in small businesses, we believe in real people, and we believe in fantastic customer service. Since being founded in 1999, these core values have guided us to become the UK’s leading telephone answering provider. For over 19 years, we’ve been the secret behind the success of thousands of UK businesses, from local tradesmen to blue chip companies and household names. As we move forward, we will continue to be driven by these values, ensuring that our clients will always have a team of real, dedicated and friendly PAs to answer their calls.

About Us

Meet the Management

  • Reuben Singh, CEO
    Reuben Singh, CEO

    Reuben founded alldayPA in 1999 and has led the company over the last 19 years. Recognised as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs, Reuben understands what it takes to start a successful business. Find out more

  • Ken Crabtree, Chief Financial Officer
    Ken Crabtree, Chief Financial Officer

    Since day one Ken has served as CFO for alldayPA. With previous roles as both an accountant and managing director, Ken’s business acumen is second to none, and he has been at Reuben’s right-hand side at every step of the journey.

  • Mark Lovatt, Head of IT
    Mark Lovatt, Head of IT

    Mark joined alldayPA after an extensive career in telecoms at Unitel One Source and brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge in the sector. Mark has overseen sweeping changes to ensure alldayPA will stay at the forefront of our industry for many years to come.

Our Call Handling Technology

Our business is built on real, human interaction. Making sure those interactions go smoothly for each of our clients takes a lot of organisation. We’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure, and have 3 contact centres, all on different power grids to ensure that your service is never affected, even by power cuts. In addition to this, our in-house IT team have implemented over £15M of technology into our contact centres to put us at the forefront of the telephone answering industry. All of this, combined with recent additions such as Live Chat management software means that today we can offer you a more reliable, flexible, and fully rounded service than ever before.

Our Call Handling Technology

Watch some of our team speak about our services and history

  • Reuben Singh

    Reuben Singh, Founder of alldayPA on Telephone Answering Services

  • "We're not just a call handling service"

    Superstar PA Gail talks about the wide range of businesses that use us.

  • How we support your business

    Find out a bit more about the Virtual Office and its features.

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