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Are you looking for ways to strengthen your call handling process and save time and money? Our call handling service is designed to do just that.

alldayPA is a leading provider of call handling services for businesses of all sizes. We help you manage your incoming calls, so you can focus on what matters: your business.

And we do it without any hassle.

We’ll take care of everything from answering the phones to screening the calls and routing them appropriately, so your customers can get in touch with someone immediately – without the need for multiple transfers or hold times.

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We know that it’s impossible for every small business to have an array of people at their beck and call answering phones – but what if we told you it’s much easier than you think? At alldayPA, we are dab hands at saving our customers time and money without forfeiting the attentive, personal service your clients expect.

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What is call handling? 

So, what exactly is call handling? You’d be forgiven for thinking call handling is only a matter of someone picking up the phone for your business when you can’t – which, on paper, it is. This sums up call handling in its most simplest sense, but our service goes way beyond that! At alldayPA, our call handling service effectively sorts all incoming calls at any time of the day, even after hours, on the weekends, and on bank holidays. We know that your clients want the assurance of human-to-human telephone communication when getting in touch with you – a friendly and knowledgeable voice with all the answers to questions makes all the difference. Our team takes the time to learn all the essential details that make your business brilliant, so when your clients come calling, we can work cohesively alongside you to give them first-class customer service. 

All of your phone lines are covered with our call handling service, which can be tailored to fit your needs exactly. At all points, you’ll be entirely in control, making the choice as to which calls our team answers so you get a perfect balance. Whether you’d like alldayPA to take all of your calls or simply cover the ones you can’t reach, which many of our clients find useful while they are out and about on business, our truly customisable service is as unique as the businesses and customers we have the pleasure of working with.

A call handling service is an outsourced but seamless solution to making sure that customer engagement is never lost. As we mentioned before, our contact services work as that handy ‘extra arm’ when you really need a hand, offering continuous communication to your clients when you aren’t there. Our team of professional, experienced PAs can work as a point of contact at some of the most critical stages of the client process – like that initial inquiry or quotation request – but will simply answer like they are a part of your business. Your clients will never feel like they aren’t talking to a representative of your company because we make sure to take a name, number, and message so you can get back to them when you’re available. It’s the simple things that make all the difference in the client care process. 

This approach to communication can make all the difference in a heavily automated world, where customers want to hear a fellow human when talking shop! You’ll find no robots or pre-recorded messages while waiting for the ‘beep’ at alldayPA, just amazing customer service that comes from our call handling team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’d think that, with how widespread technology has become, customers would be unfazed by hyper-efficient, automated calls; however, even after 20 years in the business, the situation remains the same – a friendly human voice is still what clients prefer to hear. But that doesn’t mean we’re not using technology to our advantage. With our outsourced telephone call handling service, modern developments mean we operate like we’re in the exact same office as you. No call goes unmissed thanks to our team of talented PAs – which means none of your customers get lost, either.

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How can our call handling service benefit your business?

A call handling service gives you those precious extra minutes – which are seriously hard to come by for people managing their small business. The time usually spent fielding calls can be better spent on important matters, like managing your books, sorting stock, and ensuring that you’re giving existing customers top-notch service, like always. We know that every entrepreneur and small business has different resources at their disposal – whether you work alone or have a close-knit team, finding the spare time to train staff or answer the phone yourself might not be an option. An outsourced call handling service cuts out this problem and gives you those all-important hours to dedicate your focus where it should be: on delivering excellent service and being all-round brilliant while we take that call for you.

Especially if you don’t have a dedicated customer service team, a call handling service instantly boosts client satisfaction and retention rates, ensuring that none of their queries go unansweredIf you’re out of the office or simply don’t have time for the call, you are guaranteed peace of mind that our team of professional PAs is answering the phone in a polite, positive, and friendly manner – so your customers always get the best impression of your business. We know how vital these conversations are for both customer satisfaction and retention, with data showing that 74% of customers would switch to another service following a bad interaction. When a customer can rely on getting through to a knowledgeable and friendly person when they have a problem or question, your business instantly appears trustworthy and dependable – two of the most valuable things to have in any industry.

With a call handling service, you will never miss one of the key stages within customer interaction: potential leads or business opportunities. In our rapidly developing world, people expect the services they come into contact with to be available around the clock, especially when problems requiring expert solutions happen beyond opening hours. We believe that all businesses, big or small, should have the power and capacity to accommodate all their clients, which is why call handling proves a vital resource to those operating alone or teams with limited time. Our service allows you to catch and tap into potential leads and inquiries that would have otherwise gone unanswered, so you never miss out on revenue.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night, a 24/7 expert call handling service means that your customers receive continuous communication from the people they need most. Our dedicated team knows how crucial it is for clients to have full access to a business’s customer service, whether that’s for when they need those essential details, answers to questions, or have an urgent problem. We’ll work closely with you and any existing processes within your business so the customer journey is as seamless with our handlers as it would be with a customer service team of your own. At all points, we make sure alldayPA is a perfect fit for you, and, most importantly, the clients who are keen to get in touch around the clock.

You might think that hiring a call handler is a ‘nice to have’ when it comes to your business, especially when you are busy focusing on giving an excellent service or product that improves customer experiences. But with alldayPA, you get all the benefits of a comprehensive, in-house team without the financial burden of hiring one, while still reaping the benefits of top-quality customer service. We can cater to businesses of all sizes with our range of packages, each with various levels of service and pricing so you can tailor our support to meet you where it’s needed most. With a wealth of options, our team of professionals not only adds to your customer experience but saves on costs, thanks to our bespoke service that seamlessly matches your budget, process, and client interests.

When you run a business, one thing that money can’t buy is time. So when you’re busy juggling a packed schedule with your daily tasks, those extra phone calls can tip the scales on an already tenuous work/life balance. A call handling service easily takes those calls off a busy plate while ensuring your clients still receive the amazing levels of customer service they’d expect from you, without those last-minute inquiries cutting into precious personal time. According to a survey by Simply Business, out of almost 800 small business owners and entrepreneurs in the UK, a whopping 82% reported poor mental health in the last year. Setting boundaries and ensuring that you aren’t burned out not only helps you perform at your best but gives your customer the best possible version of you too. Let us take some of the load off and keep that balance stable.

As more and more SMEs have embraced remote working or the hybrid model over the past two years, your team has no doubt worked hard to adjust to these new processes quickly and efficiently. Customer service is a vital part of any successful business, but ensuring that your workers can effectively work from home without having to worry about issues like poor internet connection, distractions and noise impacting their delivery is all part of the care process. Call handling can easily take this extra load and allow your fantastic team to do what they do best, so you can focus on keeping your staff and customers happy. 

Which sectors would benefit from a call handling service?

Property – The property sector is all about first-class customer service, which forms the foundation for successful business whether you are an estate agent, property management company, lettings agent or deal with any type of property on the housing market. We all know how fast-paced your industry is, which is why a dedicated call handler can help you keep track of customer calls, emails, appointments and more when you are helping clients find their dream home or the next exciting development. Your reputation is paramount, which is why we also offer a virtual receptionist service, so your customers are met with friendly professionalism at every point of contact – even when you aren’t available. 

Legal – To run a successful legal firm, the art of managing multiple streams of communication is part and parcel of daily operations. From cases to incoming client queries, it can be challenging to keep tabs on them all while maintaining top levels of customer service – we’re only human, after all. But ensuring that your clients are still happy and satisfied will better generate new business and revenue streams, so don’t let your excellent standards slip thanks to missed calls. Our expert handlers have got you covered, putting the control back into your hands. You can choose when and how you want us to pick up your calls, whether you’d like us to take a message or pass clients directly on to your team. 

Health and care – Healthcare professionals will be all too familiar with the challenges that come with operating in a workplace that requires a constant degree of urgency. The many aspects of healthcare mean that your clients are as varied as the sector itself, which is why there is so much pressure on getting those customer interactions right from the moment they are connected. At a time when health services are more important than ever, our packages are designed to help you keep on top of all your communications so clients always get the best service – without causing you or your staff to feel overstretched.

Tradespeople – Being one of the busiest sectors that we cater to, tradespeople are in constant demand across a full range of services – must be nice being so popular! Of course, with this urgent need for your skills and wares comes an equal need for your attention, which is always in finite supply. To stop yourself from being spread too thin and inadvertently causing issues with your rate of customer service and reputation, our call service will ensure that these queries are all taken care of. This way, you can be left to focus on high-priority problems that need to be addressed out in the field. 

Accountancy and finance – The accountancy and finance sector comprises a large umbrella of vital client-related services, whether that client be domestic or corporate. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses in various roles, from accountants, those working in financial security or the integral emergency assistance required for banking issues. Wherever your business stands, call handling can help you generate more leads, a better reputation for speedy and responsive customer service, and a revitalised revenue stream – no call goes unanswered with alldayPA. We’re on hand to help when you’re too busy helping others. 

Business support – When you’re there for everyone else, you deserve someone who is there for you too. Whatever aspect of business support you operate in, you’ll be the first point of contact for clients should they need expert advice or when things go wrong. Because of this, your knowledge is in heavy demand – meaning your time is already dedicated to keeping other businesses and your clients happy and in working order. So, when it comes to maintaining your stellar reputation for top communication, our call handling service will do all of the legwork in answering calls, maintaining appointments and keeping you in the loop, without taking a huge chunk out of your calendar.

IT and IT support – As our world becomes more and more technologically advanced, IT support specialists are often the most crucial points of contact people look to when something goes wrong. We know that your business is in constant demand and is evolving at an incredible rate, so your customer communications should do the same. We can help you deal with these interactions, from call handling, live chat, email and diary management – including email and social media enquiry handling – which can take a huge chunk of pressure off your specialists when they are needed on the job.

PR, marketing and advertising – No two days are quite the same in this sector thanks to a vibrant, creative market that needs equally amazing ideas and deliverables. It’s not all brain-storming and idea-shopping though – clear and constant communication between yourselves and your clients is key to creating amazing campaigns and crafting excellent copy. So, when your schedules are starting to look a little frantic, your customer service shouldn’t have to suffer. A good call handling service will be able to take over your communications easily and effectively, allowing you to capitalise on existing and new business relationships with clients old and new – while you’re drafting up the next big thing. 

Our other services to help you with your customer interactions

When it comes to customer relations, we know that keeping clients informed about the services you offer will be at the top of your priorities. Of course, when you are busy on the job, juggling multiple projects or trying to keep track of multiple streams of communication, it can be difficult. Here at alldayPA, we know that your business is as unique as you are, which is why we offer a number of customisable solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of both you and your clients. 

For when you are receiving a large volume of calls but are struggling to find the capacity to answer them, our virtual receptionist package will be able to dedicate the time that your clients deserve – without breaking the bank. The majority of our customers are entrepreneurs or small businesses that have been able to revitalise their revenue streams with the help of our friendly and professional PAs. Our staff are trained to be that knowledgeable and uplifting voice on the end of the phone that your customers interact with, working (as the name suggests) as a receptionist on behalf of your business. 

Although we call them ‘virtual assistants’, our helpful staff can be found in one of our call centres across the North West and are far from automated answering machines! With this service, we offer impeccable customer experiences that are guaranteed to help your business run smoothly, with a fantastic telephone triage. Whether you wish for us to take all of your calls or pass the most important ones on to your team, as part of the plans we build with small businesses, we offer a streamlined and effective way of getting your clients seen and results achieved. To fully integrate with our clients, we employ a number of calendars and tools that allow us to merge cohesively with existing operations, which your virtual receptionist will use to ensure that customers get the very best service. 

We also know that incoming calls are just one of many factors that businesses have to consider as part of how they run things on a day-to-day basis. This is why our Outsourced Call Centre package not only allows you to get the full benefits of everything included in our Virtual Receptionist and Telephone Answering Service packages but also total support on aspects such as social media, live chat and email management. We know the importance of having a real person at the end of the phone, especially in a world that is rapidly becoming focused on technology, but the benefits of having real-life people handling things like instant messaging mean that your customers get a personal, bespoke response every time – building trust and engagement with your services. 

For businesses that receive an overwhelming amount of enquiries on multiple channels, our team of experienced PAs will work alongside your existing CRM software to ensure that everything works effortlessly. These services also utilise our amazing virtual office app, which gives you complete control over how your calls are managed, the data collected and messages – putting an entirely outsourced call centre right at your fingertips.

To discover more about all the ways our services can help optimise your business communications, you can get in touch with our fantastic business development team on 0345 056 8888 today.

How should you answer the telephone?

Answering telephone calls professionally is our bread and butter – and after over 20 years in the business of handling communications, the feedback we get from happy customers tell us that we must be doing something right. There’s certainly an art to picking up the phone in a way that will make customers feel at ease – our team are dab hands at this, which can make all the difference, especially when first impressions cannot be made again. After all, customers famously ‘vote with their feet’, which cannot be understated when it comes to telecommunications: bad phone experience will send 74% of clients to a competitor if your service isn’t up to a good standard.

One of the first things we take into account is speed. Customers who are keen to get a quote or find out more about your services are expecting a prompt response, so if you’re struggling to pick up the phone within three rings, your clients are likely to become frustrated. For entrepreneurs who are juggling a packed schedule, answering the phone in record time might be at the back of your mind – especially when you feel like you’re perfecting your service on behalf of the client – but customers still want to feel like their call is important and valued. Our PAs aim to answer the call before it rings more than twice, where possible, then we move onto greeting the caller in a professional, friendly manner before asking how we can help them, thus determining the reason for their call.

While taking the time to listen to them, we ensure that we are being attentive and politely allow them to finish before jumping into action. 

Taking notes can, of course, be very helpful should the customer need assistance with a problem or query that may need to be referred back to at a later point. It is also important not to be afraid of repeating the key aspects of the conversation back to the caller to make sure the issue is fully understood, as the caller will likely appreciate that time has been taken to accurately note their concerns and that the dialogue has been opened should they wish to add anything. Once this is all squared away, the call can be confidently triaged to the appropriate department or the correct information be passed on. 

There is certainly a knack for successful telephone etiquette but the main goals are to answer the call quickly, efficiently and in a courteous, friendly manner. Our team of professional PAs have got these traits down to an art, helping small businesses in multiple sectors make fantastic connections and convert leads. To find out more about how a call handling service can maximise your customer service output, get in touch with the team today.

How to deal with difficult callers

Even when you’re offering amazing levels of customer service, difficult callers are still part and parcel of call handling. Knowing how to deal with these kinds of callers is part of making sure your process is effective in the delivery of your business – especially when reviews, reputation and retention are all factors that can be impacted by them. It can be tricky to know what to do when you’re faced with an unhappy customer, especially when confronted with angry voices and, in some cases, verbal abuse – so making sure you’re clued up on your company’s process will give you peace of mind. In most cases, simply listening and ensuring that you are being attentive to their problems will help you know what to do next. Although a customer might be angry or frustrated, it’s important to remember that they are a person too and that sometimes things can go wrong – even when we endeavour to do right by our customers all the time.

Make sure you take notes of their call and clarify when you need more information, but be diligent in informing the customer that you are doing just that. Outlining the steps you will take to rectify the problem is also useful, as inaction in the face of a query can cause further upset.

Once you have managed their expectations and raised the problem with the appropriate parties, sometimes raising your hands and apologising for the inconvenience is needed. No one likes to feel like their service hasn’t met their usual standards, but your customers will value your honesty and feel like their experience has been validated. Many times, a well-crafted resolution can lead to your customers feeling even more impassioned about your company – which is certainly a job well done.

Why choose alldayPA?

The team at alldayPA are truly experts in customer service; by choosing us, you get to enhance your company’s customer experience. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, so we certainly know our stuff, with our passion for making amazing customer experiences allowing us to help hundreds of small businesses go above and beyond for their clients. Our bespoke solutions are perfect for companies of all sizes, with intuitive options in flexible and cost-effective packages that can be scaled as your business grows, allowing us to tailor our service to your exact needs. 

We’ve combined our lived experience with the technology that has shaped the communication landscape we operate in – which is why we’ve made major investments into our tech offering. alldayPA puts you in complete control of your service thanks to our app and around-the-clock availability, so if you ever want to access your messages, change the process or simply get in touch with us, we’re here. Our team works as an extension of your own, with the aim of making your business’s customer service consistently amazing. That’s what we’re all about – and we’re really rather good at it. 

As much as we’d all love an extra pair of hands, when you’re out and about on a job or busy providing truly stellar service, you simply can’t deal with the added stress of incoming telephone calls. Here at alldayPA, we know that small business owners and entrepreneurs are pretty good at wearing multiple hats – from ensuring they are one-stop shops for all their customers’ needs to being that point of call around the clock, we understand the power of going the extra mile.

A big part of giving excellent customer service is making sure that every phone call is met, which can be tricky at the best of times. But when you’re busy scheduling upcoming work, taking inventory and doing your day-to-day jobs – whether you’re solo or as part of a team – finding any extra time can be a struggle, which means client comms can often get neglected. We know that fielding these telephone calls is something that, understandably, many people simply do not have the time or capacity to do – especially when you’re out doing what you do best. 

However, maintaining satisfactory client comms is one of the most crucial touchpoints of any business. While you’re busy making magic, those unanswered calls could possibly lead to a loss of new business or sales, meaning you’re instantly at a disadvantage. Plus, you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with your customers, especially when you have plenty of brilliant things to shout about. 

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Hearing that friendly, bright and professional voice on the other end of the receiver can truly make or break someone’s day. Here at alldayPA, we’re in the business of helping businesses, especially when it comes to making your existing customer service as fantastic as it can possibly be. One of the key benefits of a telephone call handling company is that it gives you the time and freedom to get on with all the other important factors that come with running a business, so while you’re busy doing your thing, we can help ensure that none of your clients are left by the wayside. With experience, fantastic tech capabilities and seamless integration into a number of different industries, alldayPA can help transform your customer services. 

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