Client Case Study: HiPP

HiPP produce organic baby food and formula milk, and they are one of the UK’s leading brands in this field. HiPP therefore also pride themselves on being leaders in this industry and have a section on their website dedicated to sharing advice regarding feeding, weaning, baby skincare, and parenting. As with any big brand with this reputation, HiPP has a customer service department to deal with any customer enquiries regarding their products.

“alldayPA were invaluable when we had a particular availability issue and customers were contacting us trying to obtain further information. At this time, the number of monthly calls increased dramatically for a few months but were still all handled with the same efficiency. We definitely would recommend them, without a doubt!” – HiPP

What was the problem that they faced? 

Like many customer service departments within well-known, leading companies like HiPP, their customer service agents receive many calls a day, particularly from potential customers that are interested in more information about their products. As well as this, HiPP were also faced with an availability issue at one time, which meant their staff couldn’t keep up with the incoming calls. With all this in mind, HiPP needed a solution to ensure that every customer interaction was dealt with. They particularly wanted a more efficient solution than what they had and one that would help them to cut down on costs. 

The alldayPA services that HiPP used

Once we had an understanding of HiPP’s needs, we recommended our call handling service to them – given that their main method of communication with existing and potential customers was via the phone, it made perfect sense to help them manage their calls. Our PAs therefore handled all of their incoming calls and relayed the callers’ enquiries back to HiPP, so that they could prepare to follow up with the right information and at a convenient time for them. 

How alldayPA solved the problem

On average, our PAs handled around 200 calls per month for HiPP, which was a massive weight lifted, particularly when they had their internal availability issue. This also gave the customer service team more time to deal with other important business matters. When the availability issue occurred, HiPP also experienced a surge in calls during those few months, but thanks to our PAs, these calls were still handled efficiently.

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