Outsourced email management

Outsourced Email Management

It’s no secret that customer service teams have a very busy job, handling both new and existing customer enquiries simultaneously, all whilst ensuring they’re providing excellent service. The enquiries that the team have to deal with may also be about a range of topics that require experts from all across the company to help, making life answering multiple calls and emails even more difficult. It’s extremely important that customer interactions are positive too, not only so it reflects well on your brand, but also so you don’t lose customers simply because of a bad phone call or tone in an email. There’s an awful lot to handle, but what if there was an effective solution that took the pressure off, allowing your customer service team, or staff who are juggling phone calls and emails alongside their own role, to focus on other important tasks?

We’re excited to tell you that there is a brilliant solution, in the form of our Outsourced Call Centre package! This allows us to handle all of your customer interactions, including emails. We’ll do this in a professional and timely manner, meaning that you no longer have to spend hours replying to emails whilst delaying your own job. If you have a customer service team already, this solution could provide them with extra time in the day for other tasks, as well as increase your scope for customer service. But, what exactly does outsourced email management include?

To learn more about our email management services or to enquire about how it can benefit you, please get in touch with us for a chat. You can reach us on 0345 056 8888 where you’ll be able to speak to a member of our friendly team and get the support you need.

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Outsourced email management comes as part of our outsourced call centre package.
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What is outsourced email management?

In simple terms, outsourced email management is a way of scaling back unnecessary tasks by having a third party (us) handle it. Alongside this, we also offer other packages that allow you to outsource tasks that involve customer communication. Whether it’s calls or emails, we’ve got you covered with our friendly, professional team who know exactly how to talk to customers and provide them with the relevant support. When you choose us to manage your emails, we’ll handle all email communication and ensure your customers are taken care of.

We’ll read and respond to emails, organise your inbox and take important messages, so you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about missing out on crucial communication as we will ensure you receive every important piece of info you’ll need. Alternatively, if there are certain customers or tasks you’d like to focus on, you can handle those with extra time and care, whilst we handle the bulk of customer enquiries. In customer service, what starts out as a small task can quickly escalate and become much bigger and even take up most of your day. This can push other tasks back and cause disruptions, but when it’s outsourced, you can stay on schedule and make sure you meet your deadlines.

One of the most important parts of customer service is being friendly and helpful. This means that, when writing emails, it’s important to use a certain language and tone of voice to ensure you remain friendly. This is something that can be especially difficult when carrying out email communication as it can be very difficult to detect the tone and meaning behind certain words when you are unable to hear their voice or see their face. Often, extra training is required for new customer service staff to ensure they are able to communicate with clients properly, but with our services, you don’t have to worry about that.

What is email customer support?

Email customer support is basically providing your customers with the help they need by responding to their email enquiries. Not all customers want to or are able to pick up the phone, making emails a great alternative. The service is somewhat similar to standard phone call answering, except instead of speaking your response, you’ll be writing it. At alldayPA, we provide brilliant email customer support services that ensure your preferred tone of voice is used and that all email-based enquiries are handled.

Customer emails can come through contact forms on your website, directly from using your company’s email address or by other means, but it’s important that you respond to them and provide the support requested by your customers. Emails may include customers asking for help with products, enquiring about your services or requiring more information. Whether you have a dedicated customer support team or if you’re a smaller company, you may have a member of staff who responds to emails, it’s crucial that you keep up customer communication. 

At alldayPA, we offer email customer support as a complete service – one that ensures every email is responded to and every message is recorded. This ensures that you receive every important piece of information and that your customers get a reply to their email. This prevents customers from waiting on a phone, listening to hold music or trying to catch your company at the right time. With a direct email, they can enquire straight away and, with the correct system in place, receive a response to their enquiry. 

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Outsourced email management

How To Deliver Fabulous Customer Service Via Email

Regardless of the sector that you’re in, it’s common to think about customer service as something that happens face to face, or even over the phone. However, customer service is the advice and assistance that are provided by a company to both potential and existing consumers, before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service. As the way we communicate has continued to evolve, this has meant that customer service has been delivered in several different ways. Not only does this include over the telephone or face to face, but also via social media, live chat and, of course, via email. 

So, how exactly do you deliver amazing customer service via email? It isn’t as easy as relying on your body language or tone of voice in this scenario, as your potential or existing consumers can’t see you. Instead, you have to rely on your written communication. Here are just a few easy ways that you can improve your customer service and ensure a positive customer experience, every single time via email….

Read the email properly before you respond

right the first time – it’s more important that you take the time to do this, than rush through the email and make a mistake. You might think you’re saving yourself time, but you may create more work for yourself if you don’t understand the enquiry and have to re-read it and take a different course of action.

By reading the email thoroughly, you can really get to grips with what the customer needs. You can then go away and gather the information you need to deliver a valuable response. If their email is brief and you need some more details or information in order to solve the problem well, don’t be afraid to reply and ask questions. This signals to the customer that you’re keen to understand their needs and then tailor your approach accordingly.

Remain positive and focus on problem-solving

If a customer is angry and sends lots of emails in a short space of time, it’s easy to get frustrated and lose sight of delivering amazing customer service. Regardless of the situation, it’s important to stay cool, calm and collected. Above all, you need to stay positive and focus on providing a solution to their problem.

If you can’t find the solution immediately, that’s OK. The main thing is that you’re open and honest with the customer – let them know what steps you’re taking to get their issue solved, and provide a realistic timeframe for when they can expect to have the information or the solution that they need. Transparency is easy to provide, but it does wonders for your reputation!

Add elements of personalisation 

In a digital era where the world is bursting with modern technology, customers really do appreciate speaking to a real person. All too often, they have to communicate with bots and automated systems, which can lead to a time-consuming and equally frustrating process. The best thing about human-to-human contact is that it’s much more personal – bots can’t match that level of personalisation! 

Adding a personal touch is super simple. It includes things like using the customer’s name, using your own name, and showing that you’re empathetic towards their situation. If your company allows and depending on your industry, you may also want to use emojis to make yourself more relatable and personable. If you use automated emails or templates, ensure that these allow for flexibility so that you can tailor them accordingly to the person that’s got in touch. These simple steps can really help to build trust between your company and the customer, which is essential for success, customer retention and loyalty.

Outsourced email management

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Customer Emails

If your role requires you to handle lots of customer emails, alongside your other tasks, you’ll probably find that dealing with these emails can eat up a lot of your time. This will likely leave you with less time to tackle important tasks, overstressed or having to work extra hours to ensure that the work gets done. All of these scenarios are unnecessary and ones that we can help resolve. Outsourcing your customer emails completely removes this aspect of your role, but instead of it being neglected, it’s being handled by our friendly team who are customer service experts.

Customer service is such a crucial part of your business and can, in reality, make or break your business. Poor customer feedback, bad word of mouth and low-star reviews can all damage your business as they deter new customers from engaging with your business. This is why it’s extremely important to have good customer service that leaves your customers satisfied after every interaction. Being informative and using a professional tone of voice is key to ensuring your customers are kept happy and are able to communicate with you effectively. When responding to customer emails, you need to ensure that your TOV is on brand and that your message is informative and constructive when resolving their issue.

Outsourced email management

Organisation and proper management of emails is key to ensuring that customers don’t get missed or forgotten and that their issues are dealt with in a reasonable timeframe. When trying to juggle multiple customer emails, it can be easy to miss some and get caught up in the tasks, leading to enquiries being drawn out. As these issues can occur so easily, it’s important to have steps in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. When you outsource to alldayPA, we make sure that every customer receives the proper support in a timeframe they would expect. Making sure customers aren’t left waiting to get the support they need could be the difference between a bad review and a good one.

By outsourcing your customer emails, you’re actually able to save not only time but money too. Hiring a customer services team or a member of staff to handle these enquiries can be very expensive and time-consuming, especially when you consider the training involved. You’ll also need to ensure that they can use the relevant software and systems, as well as communicate with customers in the way that you would like. There’s also the issue of upscaling, which will cost even more money. As your business grows, so will your customer base, which means more customer emails to handle. To cope with this demand, you’ll need new recruits, or, we can take care of everything for you. When you choose your package with us, there is potential for increasing the scope, which means that no matter how big your customer base gets, we can cover all of your customer service and support needs.

What Else Can You Enjoy As Part Of Our Packages? 

As a company that can provide expert call answering 24/7, there is a range of packages we offer that you can benefit from. You’re able to choose the size of the package that suits you, from our Starter option to our Telephone Answering and Virtual Receptionist package, and finally, our biggest option of Outsourced Call Centre. With our Starter package, we’ll be able to take the name, number and message of the caller for you to respond to later, alongside replying to emails. But, with our Telephone Answering package, we’ll also be able to forward calls and ensure that your customers are serviced every hour of the day, each day of the year. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer a full human service, which means no automated messages or answering machines, just straight person-to-person contact.

With our Virtual Receptionist package, we can provide all of the features in our Telephone Answering package, as well as services such as remote switchboard services. We’re also able to offer personalised scripts so that you can put your brand’s touch on the communication we have with clients. This package covers everything a receptionist would handle, which means you won’t require a member of staff in-house to handle this, freeing up your time and resources.

Our biggest package, the Outsourced Call Centre package, allows you to build completely tailor-made scripts, which will be used when dealing with your customers. This allows you to have complete control over the interactions we have with customers and ensure that the language and tone of voice that are used properly reflect your company. Amongst other services, we can also provide Live Chat Management services, which allow your customers to communicate with us directly through your site, using an instant message tool. This allows customers to speak to a member of customer service instantly, opening a ticket that details the requirements of their issue. This is a huge feature in the modern methods of customer support and one that is great for not only servicing existing customers but attracting new ones too.

As we have a range of different packages available, each suitable for different levels of customer service, you’re able to choose the one which best suits your needs. This means that you can get a clear understanding of the services we’re providing, how they can benefit you and ensure you’re paying for exactly what you need. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice either, as we’re on hand to help you get the right services, and if you want to upgrade to a bigger package, you can! You can fill out the contact form on our website to get started with an enquiry into our customer service packages.

Outsourced email management

What To Expect When Working With alldayPA

No matter what package you decide to opt for, using our services will bring so many benefits for your business. As an outsourced customer service company, we play a huge part in the development of the companies that we work with, and there’s no reason why that can’t include yours too! As well as having more free time to spend on other important business matters, there’s a myriad of benefits that we can bring to your business. Check out what to expect from our services when you choose to work with us.

Industry experts
All of our PAs are trained to use a range of systems, software and applications, so they can fit right in with your existing teams and your ways of working! Better still, we’ve got PAs that have experience in a range of industries, so you know that your alldayPA team have a good understanding of your sector and the customer service expectations. They’ll know what to do to impress your customers and what will make you stand out from your competition. Couple that with their knowledge of how to use a range of software and applications, and your business will truly excel with our help!

Impressive technology
Of course, our virtual assistants play a huge part in the service that we offer. However, their skills are only truly used to their full capacity when they’ve got the means to use them. That’s why we invest heavily in the technology we use – a prime example is our £15m investment into top-of-the-range call handling technology across our four different contact centres. This gives your customers a truly outstanding experience, and because it’s spread across four different locations, it ensures business continuity in the event of a power outage.

Outsourced email management

Around-the-clock customer service 
Many companies will charge you extra for outsourcing your customer interactions at all hours, but that’s not how we do things here at alldayPA. We think that your customers deserve support whenever they need it, which is why our team are on-hand 24/7 to help anyone that reaches out to your business. Whether it’s beyond business hours, on a holiday, or at the weekend, we’ll be there to ensure that your customer enquiries never go unanswered! You can enjoy your downtime with peace of mind that your customers are getting the support that they need and deserve.

Be in-the-know at all times

We may be on hand at all hours to take care of your customers, but that doesn’t mean we come in and take over. You still have complete control over what we do, and you can decide which interactions we handle and which we’ll leave to you. Similarly, we’ll always keep you in the loop about the interactions that we’ve managed for you – with our Virtual Office App, you can keep up to speed with how many interactions we’ve handled and when your busiest periods are! You’ll also have access to other key information that keeps you informed at all times.

A reputation for amazing customer care
Thanks to all the above and our dedication to providing nothing short of fabulous customer service, you can truly improve or maximise your business’s capability and reputation for providing great customer care. This is essential for customer loyalty and attracting new customers – our team can help you to grow your customer base thanks to their extraordinary skill set!

Ready To Reap The Benefits Of Outsourced Email Management? Get In Touch With Us Today To Find Out More About Our Outsourced Call Centre Package 

Regardless of the sector you’re in, there’s no denying the power of emails – you’ll no doubt rely on this form of communication daily. Not only is it one of the most common ways to keep in touch with employees, but it’s one of the most common ways to interact with customers. Methods of communication continue to change, but the desire and the need for amazing customer service does not. Even via email, customers still expect a high level of service from whoever they’re talking to. That’s exactly where our team comes in…

With effective email management, we’ll ensure that your emails are handled to the highest of standards with fabulous customer service at the heart of each one! Our team are here to help you lighten the load and free up more time so that you can get on with the things that matter the most to you, whilst ensuring that your reputation for brilliant customer service continues to grow and improve!

For more information about our email management, we’d love to hear from you and help you out. Give us a call on 0345 056 8888 and our team will be happy to assist you.