Outsourced Live Chat

Outsourced Live Chat

In a digital era, there are always new customer contact innovations that change the way that businesses communicate with their customer base. Now, it isn’t just face-to-face contact that’s used, but email messages, phone calls, social media, and even chatbot platforms to provide instant answers and advice. As such, customer support teams are constantly having to adapt their approach to customer service. For brands, it can often feel overwhelming to keep up with these changes and evolutions, but it’s so important that you do. Investing in the latest technology, such as chat support services, will help you to keep ahead of the game!

Of course though, it’s all about striking a balance between technology, like chat assistance, and providing a fabulous experience to ensure that you’ve got happy customers! Luckily, that’s where alldayPA can help. With the perfect blend of innovative technology and hand-picked people with top skills as our customer service agents, we can help brands to perfect their customer service! We have several plans for businesses, with flexible pricing schemes, which are a more cost-effective solution than hiring an in-house support team!

In our most comprehensive package – Outsourced Call Centre – businesses can get support from our team for their live chat service. With your very own chat operators, you can master those response times, meet your business objectives, and even increase your conversion rates! Better still, there are no robots in sight – a real person offers an unrivalled experience, so that’s why all our virtual assistants are humans!

If you’re interested in outsourcing your live chat service, you can get a quote online or contact our team by calling 0345 056 8888!

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Outsourced live chat comes as part of our outsourced call centre package.
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What is A Live Chat? What Is An Outsourced Web Chat Service?

A live chat is a type of messaging software. It allows customers to directly communicate with a business’s customer service representatives, or those in technical support roles that can assist with certain issues. Many companies are now choosing to use live chat platforms as part of their SaaS (software as a service) infrastructure. For the most part, live chat works as a pop-up window that’s displayed within a business’s website; this may appear automatically when a customer goes onto the website, or it may only appear once the customer takes a certain action. 

A live chat solution gives your site visitors a way of instantly getting in touch with your team. By offering this service, you can offer immediate support or advice, and you’re meeting your customers’ demands and assisting them on their user journey. However, when it comes to balancing dealing with a live chat as well as customer phone calls, emails, social media messages or any other enquiries, you might feel a little overwhelmed. However, that shouldn’t mean that your customers should go unanswered. Luckily, thanks to our Outsourced Call Centre package, we’re on hand to help.

As a part of this package, we can take care of your live chat for you – that’s exactly what an outsourced web chat service is. Our team will act as your business’s customer service team and will be on hand to answer your customer enquiries 24/7, 365 days of the year – it doesn’t get better than that! We’ll represent your business and will deal with customer enquiries in whichever way you prefer – think of us as an extension to your existing, internal team. 

The Benefits Of Having A Live Chat

It’s convenient for the customer

If a customer is on your website and an issue arises, having a live chat service that they can instantly turn to is extremely convenient. Of course, customers are most likely to judge you based on your product or service, but the experience that you provide them with is probably a close second. That’s exactly why amazing customer service is vital. By allowing customers to contact you with ease, you’re on your way to providing just that! Live chat services provide your site visitors with instant access to your customer service teams. If you’re instantly contactable to solve their issues, this can build trust and boost the customer’s confidence in your ability to provide reliable knowledge and support.

It facilitates faster problem resolution

Nowadays, many websites have articles, knowledge bases and dedicated areas of the website that are designed to help customers solve their own problems, with the likes of step-by-step guides. However, these might not always be easy for the customer to find. With a live chat feature on your site, you can quickly and easily send these links to the user, directing them to the most helpful and appropriate part of your website. Not only does this help them to find a resolution quickly, but it creates less work for you too. Less work means more time, and that time can be spent elsewhere, such as on helping even more customers!

Build a rapport with customers

When chatting to customers in this way, you can observe their tone and their mood, and then adjust your own style and tone accordingly. Adjusting your style and formality to match the customer’s is a great way to build a rapport. In turn, this can help to build trust and establish positive relationships.

Live chat platforms are a great way to provide a more personal service, as it gives agents the opportunity to showcase their personality a little more than traditional and more formal methods of communication. 

Discover customer pain points

When we talk about ‘pain points’, we’re referring to a customer’s problem that hasn’t been addressed or solved. When customers reach out via email or over the phone, you might not be able to figure out their pain points – after all, these may have only been heard by one member of your team or company. However, most live chat software allows you to access chat histories. With the various sorting features and filters, you can quickly sort through the data to discover the customer’s ongoing issues. Then, you can put the best plan of action in place for getting these problems resolved as quickly as possible. 

Improve customer service and customer retention/loyalty

Because of the above and plenty of other reasons, having a live chat function can improve your customer service experience and customer satisfaction rating. This can then lead to customer retention and loyalty, which is crucial for business success. According to Salesforce, live chat software is the preferred support channel for most customers!

Having a convenient and easy method of communication that allows you to deal with your customers’ issues promptly will stand you in good stead for earning an amazing reputation, providing that you handle their enquiry correctly of course! If you do this and make the most of the benefits that live chat technology has to offer, you’ll find that your customers are satisfied with the service you’re providing!

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Live Chat Customer Interactions

Never miss a lead
You might think that missing a message here and there isn’t a big deal. But with this attitude, the amount of missed leads will soon stack up! After all, if a potential customer has an enquiry before they commit to making a purchase, but that enquiry goes unanswered, it’s likely that they’re going to take their business elsewhere. Similarly, if an existing customer is looking to make another purchase, but you ignore their message, then that’s another missed opportunity. Providing customers with a live chat experience is also great for offering cross-selling and upselling too – if you ignore them, this opportunity passes you by. So, by entrusting our professional teams to take care of your live chat support feature on-site, you can be confident that you’ll never miss a lead again!

More time to spend on other business matters
Whilst dealing with customer enquiries is a key part of running a business, there’s no denying that it’s time-consuming. Whilst it’s a necessity for business success, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

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By letting us take your live chat off your hands, you’ll be left with more time to spend on other important matters – this might involve managing your team and growing your business. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll help you to make the time for it!

Your interactions will be handled by experts
Luckily, customer service is where we excel. Our teams are all expertly trained to help others – that’s what we love to do and it’s what we do best. So, when our team deals with your customer interactions, you can rest assured that your interactions will be dealt with by experts! We’re pros when it comes to providing potential or new customers with an amazing first impression of your company, and we know exactly how to keep existing customers satisfied. We’ve got over two decades of experience in the industry and have helped over 24,200 clients so far, so it’s fair to say that we know what fabulous customer service is all about!

Here’s What Else You Can Enjoy…

We offer our outsourced live chat service as part of our wider Outsourced Call Centre package. This means that our outsourced live chat solution is just one aspect of the package, and you can enjoy a whole range of perks to help you manage your time and your customer interactions better. All our packages have flexible pricing models, so you can scale your services to your business requirements! As well as the management of your live chat, here’s what else we can do for you…

Telephone answering

With our call handling service, you never have to worry about missing valuable leads again! We’ll be on hand to take care of your calls around the clock, ensuring that every customer is answered and helped. If you and your team are unavailable to take a call, our PAs will do it for you and will take the caller’s name, number and message so that you can call them back at a convenient time. You’ll also receive instant email and/or SMS notifications so you know exactly when you’ve received a call. You can also set your availability on our Virtual Office App, so we know when to take a message or forward the call to you.

Call triaging & remote switchboard services

If you are available to take a call, our call triaging and remote switchboard services are the ideal solutions for ensuring that calls are dealt with by the right person. We understand that many businesses have several departments, and there will be different people that are best suited to answer different types of calls and enquiries. Using our remote switchboard, we’ll forward the call to the most appropriate team member or department to ensure that the customer gets the support they need.

Call triaging involves managing calls to determine how urgent they are, and who needs to respond. As such, our call triaging service means that you can handle calls based on their urgency, meaning that you can prioritise your customers’ needs appropriately.

CRM integration

customer relationship management system (CRM) is a central place for your business to store that all-important customer data. CRMs also allow you to track your customer interactions and share the data with your colleagues. Having this information at hand can help you to provide an amazing customer experience – for example, you’ll know exactly where a customer is in their journey, or what their ongoing issue is simply by taking a look at the CRM. Our CRM integration ensures that we fit in seamlessly with your internal team and the processes you already have in place, which, in turn, helps us to provide excellent customer service to those that contact your company!

Social media & email management

In a world where the majority of people have a mobile phone and a social media account, customer service now happens on social media platforms and not just over the phone. As well as this, it’s easy enough to send an email message from a range of devices, making this a popular method of communication too. As such, we don’t just manage calls, but we handle social media enquiries, emails and, of course, live chats too!

outsourced live chat

What To Expect With alldayPA’s Assistance 

24/7 as standard, with no extra costs
We don’t think that a 24/7 service is a privilege. It should be part of customer service as standard – no matter what time your customers need support, there should always be someone available to help them. When you work with alldayPA, that’s exactly what we’ll help you to provide. Regardless of the time – whether that’s outside of your business hours or on special holidays, such as Christmas and bank holidays, we’ll step in to ensure that your customers receive top of the line service! Better still, unlike many other companies, it won’t cost you a penny more to reap the benefits of having a 24/7 service – it’s part of all our packages, as standard!

UK-based contact centres with real people
Over the years, we’ve seen that many companies have outsourced their customer interactions and call centres abroad to keep the costs down. Doing so can lead to many issues – you aren’t there to do quality checks, and so whoever you’ve outsourced to might not meet your high standards. When you use alldayPA, you can rest assured that our team will provide fabulous customer service from our four UK-based contact centres. There are no answering machines or bots either, just real people that have all been trained by experts to deliver a fabulous service not just to you, but to your customers and clients too!

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A cost-effective option without compromising customer service
We get it – if you’re trying to improve your customer service, outsourcing your interactions to an external team might seem counterintuitive. We understand that some of our potential customers are apprehensive about using such a service, as they’re worried that their customer service might take a hit. Well, what if we told you that the opposite is entirely possible? When you outsource your interactions to us, you’ll soon earn a reputation for going the extra mile! What’s even better is that using our services costs less than hiring an in-house team – you get the perks of having a dedicated team that are passionate about your business growth, but without the cost of salaries, training, quality checking and the other expenses associated with hiring a team!

Impressive technology coupled with expertise 
We’re only interested in giving our customers the best, whether that’s our technology or our people. Regarding technology, we’re always investing in the best tech that money can buy – we even invested £15m into our call handling technology to ensure the service we deliver is nothing short of perfect! Even when it comes to you, we’ve got our Virtual Office App to make sure you’re always in the loop about your customer interactions and what we’ve handled for you. As for our people, we only hire the very best. Our team are all trained to work with several platforms, software and applications to ensure that they fit into your existing team and business model seamlessly. We work with various sectors, so we’ve got dedicated PAs for each of those too – whoever you work with, they’ll be familiar with your industry!

Looking For An Outsourced Live Chat Service? Our Team Are Here To Help!

if you want to focus on your customers more, let us do that for you! We’ll handle your queries whilst you run the business. We’re here to give you time to focus on doing the things that you love and that matter the most to you. Our PAs can help you to deal with all kinds of issues and incoming questions through your live chat facility, as part of the Outsourced Call Centre package. To find out more about this package or any of our other plans, you can give our team a call on 0345 056 8888. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, you can get a quote online too!