Dive into Exceptional Customer Service Without Drowning

The traditional form of approaching customer service is that “the customer is always right,” but to what extent should this apply?

Is the customer right if they expect to talk to you after your opening hours, or at half-past 3 in the morning? Increasingly, customers expect to receive “excellent customer service” at a time that is convenient for them. If you can offer this, then fair enough- expect your customer satisfaction ratings and retention to go through the roof.

24/7 customer service is much of an art as it is a science.

Get it wrong and your round the clock cover could see massive negative ROI. All business ownders have to start somewhere so I’m hoping that by the end of this customer service guide, you’ll have a better understanding of why 24/7 customer service is increasingly desired and how you can offer this without developing a sleepless lifestyle.

1. What Is Good Customer Service: The Proof & Why Customers Want 24/7 Services.
2. Why should you care?:  How 24/7 Customer Service Can Help Your Business.
3. How you can offer 24/7 Customer Service: Gap Analysis & Boosting Your ROI.
4. Customer Service Options: Outsourcing, Social Media & Live Chat.

What Is Good Customer Service?

Let’s start off by dipping our toes into what good customer service actually is and then we can properly immerse ourselves into how we can attain it, to retain our customers.

Everyone knows that customers want to receive a friendly and professional approach from staff members who have the knowledge required to respond to their queries. For the most part, customers want the sort of people who would go to every length to help them. It basically means living by “the customer is always right” approach and making everyone feel welcome.

Whilst smiling, nodding, agreeing, and responding is still the case with customer service, this method no longer stands alone. Two additional factors that sit alongside customer service are:

Customer Experience and Customer Journey. 

In light of our booming technology and the increase in online interactions, people want more than just great customer service- they want it in a way that is convenient for them. With that said, your customers might not even be present when you’re offering exceptional levels of customer service.

Everyone is always on the go. So, convenience is key. People will be too busy to get customer service on your term. To achieve maximum customer experience, you need to provide maximum flexibility to support your customers when and where they choose.

The better you can understand your customers, the better the journey you’ll create for them.

I’ve found that the need for continuous, 24/7 customer service boils down to the following 3 factors:

  • Lifestyle- People who work when your business is open will contact you in the evening.
  • Technology- If you’ve got a website, your business is always open.
  • A Global Audience– You might be in your pyjamas, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Want some facts? 

40% of people are still doing work after 10pm

57% of consumers expect the same response time at night and on weekends
as during normal business hours.

32% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes at night and on weekends

1. It Fits Their Lifestyle

To put it simply, people have better things to do in the middle of the day than to get on the phone or come into a store.

Want more stats? I’ll give you them.

And that’s just the necessities: their job, childcare and cleaning!
The problem?
People are too busy to prioritise a customer service enquiry.
The solution?
24/7 customer service allows the customer to enquire when it’s convenient for them.

2. The Online World Never Stops

Thanks to the internet, smartphones, and social media, we live in a 24-hour culture. If you have access to the internet, you can pretty much order anything you want within the tap of a finger. So, if someone comes to your website and realises they can’t have an immediate response to an enquiry, the chances that they’ll think “oh well that’s fair- everyone needs some time off,” are slim.

Any business with a website is technically always open.

It’s a Global Market Place

Finally, there’s the simple fact that just because it’s the middle of the night for you, it doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. If you have an online platform for your business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hawk your wares around the world.

The challenge is, when New York is ready to get online and buy, buy…you’re getting ready for bed. Even more so, if your audience branches internationally, you need a customer service strategy that is available for consumer whenever it’s convenient to them.. or at least when they’re awake!