Which business sectors benefit from call handling?

Making the right decision for your business can be difficult – especially when it comes to customer service. If you’re looking to upgrade your customer service offering, you might be wondering what your options are, and whether call handling is right for your business. Keep reading to learn more. 

What is the benefit of specific business sector call handling services?

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of call handling services, you might not realise how much of an impact they can have on your sales success. It can be easy to write customer service off and assume that anyone can do it without needing to know the first thing about your industry – but that’s a flawed perspective. While that person might be able to answer some calls satisfactorily, they’ll lack the experience and understanding needed to handle more complex queries from your customers. 

That’s where business sector specific call handling services come in handy.  

Which sectors need call handling for business?

All businesses can benefit from a call handling or telephone answering service, but some sectors particularly require excellent customer service in order to thrive. Let’s take a look at some examples. 


Whether you’re an estate or lettings agency, a property management company or a landlord, the property sector is a fast-paced industry. First-class customer service forms the basis of a successful business when it comes to helping people navigate the stressful decisions associated with finding their dream home. And if your business focuses on commercial properties, having a dedicated call handling service can help to ensure you have a foothold in a competitive market. 


In the legal profession, reputations are paramount. Mistakes can have big consequences for clients, so it pays to ensure all your communications channels are monitored by experts so you won’t miss a thing. You’ll have total control over when and how your calls are handled, including whether to take a message or redirect the call to one of your colleagues. Plus, with the benefit of our team’s expertise, you can be sure of the utmost security when handling client and case data.


In the healthcare sector, urgent queries need to be handled quickly and responsibly to ensure the very best patient care. When customers call you, they may be anxious, in pain or upset, so it’s vital that the person on the end of the line is compassionate and composed to help resolve the situation. A good call handling package will help you keep on top of all communications so clients have confidence in your service, without overstretching your staff. 


Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, a builder or a carpenter, your skills are in high demand. An efficient call handling service will allow you to get on with the work you do best, always having the confidence that you’re not missing out on client calls while you’re onsite. For both regular work and emergency call-outs, our customer service representatives will calmly and sensibly handle customer calls to maintain your sterling reputation.


Urgency and security are central tenets of the finance industry, and our customer service teams are trained to uphold both. Whether your clients are mostly corporate organisations or members of the public, our call handlers can help to take the mystery out of finance, giving your business a reputation for great client interactions. 

Business support

Whatever area of business support you’re in, your experience in solving problems is in high demand. Instead of worrying about unanswered calls and missed opportunities, let our team of dedicated professionals step in to provide expert customer service assistance. A great call handling service can take the weight off your shoulders while keeping you in the loop with regards to important information, all without taking a huge chunk out of your calendar.

IT services

As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, IT support services have evolved into a crucial industry that supports all kinds of businesses and organisations. The IT sector is evolving constantly, and your customer communications should do the same. We know how frustrating it can be for customers to have IT problems, so we’ll help you manage demand for your customer service lines so your expert technicians can spend more time fixing issues. 

Marketing and advertising

In this vibrant sector, two days are never quite the same, so it’s vital to have a customer service team that can adapt to the challenges a new day can bring. Clear and consistent communication with your clients is key to getting the insights you need to create amazing campaigns and excellent copy – without forcing your creatives to spend half their day on the phone. When your schedule’s looking full, a good call handling service can pick up the slack easily and effectively, allowing you to keep building customer relationships with clients old and new – all while you’re drafting your next big project.