The rise of 5G and how it’ll affect your business

With the widespread rollout of 5G expected in 2020 and test’s already having begun in limited areas, what does this mean for your business? (Top secret: Available on EE already, in selected areas)

In the bigger picture, the rollout of 5G shows another big leap in our communications industry, backing off the demand of consumers for faster, more powerful technology. With this comes higher expectations of the consumer and if you’re not keeping up with the game, you will end up overlooked.

Why would this affect my business?

5G may impact several industries directly; manufacturing, retail, financial services and healthcare, to name a few. The impact is mainly beneficial with the ability of real-time data collection, improved systems and widespread adoption of AR and VR.

However, the rollout of 5G could put increased pressure on all businesses to be better providers. With many brands adopting technology such as VR and increased access to more accurate data. The consumer is left expecting more.

Businesses who will find themselves the hardest hit by yet another leap in customers expectations are those who haven’t looked at their simple day to day processes.

The customer journey and how easy you make it for consumers to purchase from you will be even more important for SME’s to adopt. Without budgets to support technological advances and provide a wow factor. It’s time for SME’s to look at how their business runs day to day and if their customer journey is hitting the mark.

Small changes in your customer journey can help your business keep up with the impact. With a focus on customer experience, small businesses are able to rival larger brands by providing a personal touch to their customer service. An area large brands are sometimes unable to provide due to the scale of the business.

The rollout of 5G will put increasing pressure on businesses to be available at all times, as internet use continues to rise. With consumers accessing business websites and numbers from anywhere at any time, the competition to be available for every call or enquiry is high. With consumers expectations only set to increase, can you really afford to miss any opportunity to communicate with your customers?

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