Virtual Office From alldayPA

Giving you complete control wherever you are, whatever you’re doing

Your Virtual Office

Virtual Office from alldayPA is our proprietary software that puts you in complete control of your messages, call data, and how your calls are handled.

Thanks to Virtual Office, you get more control over how your calls are answered than with any other telephone answering service.

From setting your availability to take transfers, to notifying your PA’s, and even telling us who your VIPs are, you can do it all with Virtual Office from alldayPA.


What you can do with Virtual Office

  • View your messages, and search messages from the lifetime of your account with us.
  • Set your availability to receive calls, so we know when to transfer and when to take a message
  • Send notifications and set your greetings so your calls are answered exactly as you’d like
  • Tell us who your VIPs are so we know their name, number and company as soon as they call
  • View your call data so you know when your busiest times are and how many calls we’ve taken

The Virtual Office App

With the Virtual Office App you can take your virtual office with your wherever you go.

Whether you’re on the way to meetings, working from home, or away on holiday you can access your messages and manage your account, keeping you in complete control.

Stay in complete control while you’re remote working with the Virtual Office App from alldayPA.


How you can use the VO

  • Taking A Flight
    Taking A Flight

    It hard to relaxing going on holiday know you could be missing calls. With Virtual Office you can get your messages in the departure lounge.

  • Travelling To Work
    Travelling To Work

    Getting the train to the office doesn't need to be wasted time. Manage your team on the go.

  • Keeping Fit
    Keeping Fit

    A sharp mind needs a healthy body. Take an hour to hit the gym knowing your calls will be answered.

  • Relaxing With Family
    Relaxing With Family

    What's running a business worth if you can't spend time with your family? Switch your phone off - we've got you covered.

  • Hard at Work
    Hard at Work

    Sometimes when you're in the zone you don't want the distraction of a ringing phone. Virtual Office means you can have an hour to focus.

  • In a Meeting
    In a Meeting

    Give you clients and colleagues the attention they deserve. We'll make sure your callers are well looked after.