Inbound call handling – Don’t confuse it with sales

Often, businesses can be reluctant to use services like an outsourced call centre.

The reputation of overseas call centres has made some companies concerned about customer service, while others simply associate outsourced call centres with nuisance calls, PPI claims and PVC windows.

The reality is though, there are a number of UK call centres that specialise in inbound call handling  that are perfectly placed to support growing small businesses.

The services these outsourced call centres provide couldn’t be further from the world of nuisance calls and PPI claims.

So let’s take a look at the world of inbound call handling.

Why inbound is different

So how exactly is inbound call handling different than sales or outbound calls?

Inbound call handling is all about providing the best journey for the customer.

At alldayPA for example, we use an intelligent skills routing matrix to direct every call that comes in to an available PA with a relevant skillset.

We prioritise strong customer service backgrounds when we recruit PAs which means everyone taking calls for our clients is a customer service expert.

The PA’s taking the calls are never targeted on speed and instead are targeted on quality and providing the best outcomes for the caller.

By choosing to prioritise factors such as these, we have a created a service that provides an excellent experience for inbound callers; one that doesn’t pressure them with sales tactics or trying to push them further down the funnel.

We find that this is the best way to engage with your callers and build your brand reputation as a business that is helpful, considerate, and personal.

Don’t confuse inbound call handling with sales

So why is it so important to make a distinction between inbound call handling and sales?

After all, businesses need to sell to remain profitable, right?

You need to make the distinction between inbound call handling and sales because not every caller will be ready to buy.

If you start pushing your products as soon as you pick up the phone someone who is just doing research might be put off.

Also, some callers might not even be interested in buying – they could be looking for customer service. If you’re set up to focus on sales, anyone with a customer service enquiry is going to have a difficult time getting their issue resolved.

By prioritising inbound call handling and customer experience, you make sure that everyone who phones in to your business gets the outcome they want; if they are ready to buy the call can be transferred to the sales team who will take it from there.

If you confuse inbound call handling with sales you risk losing business and getting a bad reputation.

Find out more about inbound call handling

At alldayPA, we’re inbound call handling specialists. If you want to know more about inbound call handing or outsourced call centres in general check out our outsourced call centre page .