It’s Not as Easy as Picking Up the Phone

A Day in the Life of a PA

“…it goes beyond administrative tasks and delves into personalised, emotional support.”

Most of us know that call centres are a customer service phenomenon and we’ve most probably had our calls diverted to a telephone answering service at some point. What doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, is what actually happens behind the scenes of a call centre and what it takes to be a PA. alldayPA handles approximately 20,000 calls a day, which comes hand in hand with the skills and dedication of our people.

Answering back-to-back calls for different companies and individual customer needs is definitely not as easy as it seems, but the on site training and facilities provided for PAs is what helps make it look like a walk in the park. Working as part of a telephone answering service consists of responding to an array of calls, whilst having a strong emotional intelligence. All it takes to prove just how rewarding handling calls can be when providing instant, round the clock support, is a pleasant conversation on the phone . Ultimately, our people engage in genuine human interactions with customers, which in turn allows them to provide both administrative and emotional support.

Our people engage in genuine human interactions with customers

It comes by no surprise that call centres work with a wide variety of companies, which is only possible by virtue of how quickly and efficiently PAs adapt to handle different clients and their customers. Exceptional customer service lies at the heart of each PA and their response is always:

Friendly & Polite

Along with carefully selecting individuals dedicated to providing exceptional service, PAs are extensively trained by supervisors. Considering that companies can be added to our database within the same day -depending on the package they choose- PAs are prepared to accommodate any scenario that could arise between greeting a customer and ending a call. Our people are exposed to such diverse calls, they’re geared up with all kinds of industry related experience.

PAs are prepared to accommodate for any scenario that could arise between greeting a customer and ending a call

Crisis call? Sorted!

In the scenario that an emergency call comes through, PAs are the first line of contact before a call is diverted. High risk calls show the level of responsibility and confidentiality that PAs uphold, whilst nonetheless providing the guidance and support required. With the resources we have and the ability for multiple calls to be answered for a company, client emergencies have a higher response rate at our 24/7/365 telephone answering service, than they would at a typical 9-5 business. A day in the life of a PA doesn’t end at scheduling company appointments, diverting calls, and logging customer complaints- it goes beyond administrative tasks and delves into personalised, emotional support.

Calls with high risk rates show the level of responsibility and
confidentiality that PAs uphold

Essentially, putting it as simply as ‘answering incoming phone calls’ does not begin to cover the scope of what our people do on a daily basis. PAs have the remarkable ability to swiftly change their tone and approach within seconds to have a natural, engaging, and personalised interaction with a customer. All this is carried out whilst completing online forms and recording  personal details, which are instantly forwarded to the company at hand. Reacting to a customer’s demands on the spot is a fundamental quality that brings our telephone answering service to life.