The benefits of a London virtual address (and what if you want a cheap London virtual office?)

A London address – there’s just something about it when it comes to business.

While your business could be booming, it’s just not the same saying you’re based in the heart of Rhyl as it is joining the ranks UK companies based in London.

Fortunately, you can get many of the benefits of a swanky London address without having to upsticks and move when you use a London virtual address.

Today we’re going to take a look at why you might want to consider a London virtual address.

Let’s get started.

Why would you want a London Virtual Office?

There are lots of benefits a London virtual address can bring to a business, and the motivation to use a London virtual office is going to vary from company to company.

Here are some of the main reasons people choose a London virtual address.

The prestige of a London address

If you want to look like a big company, a London virtual address can do wonders for your appearance. For certain industries like law, finance or the medical sector, having a virtual address in the right area of London can do a lot.

A London virtual address can be particularly beneficial if you’re working with foreign markets that are more likely to be impressed by a having an address in a famous area of London that they’ve heard of.

London postal address

You might want a London virtual address purely to use a postal address and to be the public face of your company. If you work from home you might not want to share your home address on your website, so a virtual address is a good alternative.

London meeting rooms

Some virtual addresses are more virtual than others. While some will literally be nothing more than an address, some will give you access to shared meeting rooms and receptionist services. This is great if you do occasional work in the capital but not enough to warrant getting your own office.

Local SEO

Google is getting more and more intelligent by the day. It’s now at a point where it can show people different search results based on where they are.

If you want to target businesses in London, having a London virtual address will allow you to register your website as being London based, and Google boost you higher up the results pages for searches made in London.

It’s a great way to get your name in front of potential clients.

A cheap London virtual office

Often, people will say they want a cheap London virtual office. While it is of course possible to have this, like everything else compromises have to be made if you want a lower price.

The more prestigious an address is – Harley street for example – the more a virtual address will cost there. Similarly, more prestigious and central post codes will come with a heftier price tag.

And of course, if you want benefits such as meeting rooms and post forwarding this will also cost extra.

Before you get a London virtual address decide what features and benefits you want. If you want the cheapest London virtual address, be prepared for something on the less glamourous end of the spectrum.

Support for your London Virtual Office

While we don’t supply London virtual offices ourselves, we do have a number of services available that can support your business in the virtual world. Check out our Virtual Receptionist and Outsourced Call Centre Services for more.