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  • How to fix bad customer service

    April 6 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    In small business, the personal touch is everything. When people get in contact with your […]

  • How does business process outsourcing work?

    March 14 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) can be a useful tool to help streamline your business operations […]

  • What are customer service skills?

    March 6 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Customer service might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an essential part […]

  • What is BPO?

    February 16 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Many businesses rely on outsourcing. Often, this simply involves allocating specific tasks to external service […]

  • What is the purpose of customer service?

    February 16 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Running a successful business is in large part about providing the right products or services […]

  • Why live chat is important

    January 5 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Strong customer service is the backbone of any business, and in an increasingly digital world, […]

  • Are live chats safe?

    January 5 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Often provided as part of a broader customer support package, a live chat function on […]

  • Young-trepreneurs : How young people are turnin...

    November 28 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    There’s more opportunity than ever before for younger generations to kickstart their careers, turning their […]

  • How to get the most out of live chat

    November 15 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Integrating live chat for your business might sound daunting, whether you’re a technical whizz or […]

  • Is live chat right for my business website?

    November 15 | Author: Gareth Jeffery

    Making decisions about your customer service support package is an integral part of running a […]