Recruitment – increasing efficiency with a telephone answering service

As a recruiter, you’re constantly wading your way through CV’s, new client requests and scheduling interviews. On top of that, your phone rings off the hook all day! 

According to Glassdoor, on average, each corporate job offer attracts 250 resumes. A missed phone call from a dream candidate could mean missed business for you in terms of your client!

Did you know that outsourcing to a telephone answering service means that there’s someone to answer your calls when you can’t? It’s a no brainer!

With over 20 years of experience in handling calls for the recruitment industry, alldayPA can help you by creating a dedicated package that meets your needs and greatly improves your communication strategy. All your calls will be managed by agents who receive specialist training. This ensures that you receive excellent quality every time.

From capturing new leads, such as qualifying candidates or even new clients and arranging interviews. We can also act as a switchboard for clients, and make sure that they can always get in touch with you when they need to.

One of our biggest recruitment clients, Nexus came to us with a need for a flexible company who could fit into their very specific requirements and their brief. We originally provided Nexus with 24-hour cover to handle all inbound calls, we then used our reporting system to continually provide them with the data which showed their peak call times. This data was then used to make adjustments to provide them with the most effective solution for them. 

“The flexibility alldayPA offers in their service provision has been key in allowing us to focus on what matters – servicing our clients. Knowing all incoming calls are being expertly handled mean’s we don’t have to worry about our company brand – as a first-line, alldayPA do a fantastic job at ensuring all calls are professionally handled. The back office support allows me to make tweaks to process, meaning message delivery is seamless and fast – an important factor when it comes to high volume recruitment.” – Heidi Sowrey – Marketing and Advertising Manager, Nexus People

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