There has never been a better time to start a business

According to Small Business, there have been over 835,000 businesses registered in the UK in the last year alone. This poses a question and opens a discussion of why there has never been a better time to open a business than now, in the year of the global pandemic? Scroll below to read the thoughts of our CEO Reuben Singh.

You opened your first business when you were 17, so you must have a great understanding of the business landscape back then and now. So tell us – what helps businesses strive in today’s digitised global business environment?

The biggest change is that customers are now demanding exceptional customer experience and personable services. Today’s consumer is more demanding than ever and he/she will only become loyal to brands that give them transparent and understanding customer service. Something that perhaps the majority of brands out there can’t, come up with.  It’s much easier for a smaller business or a start-up to provide great customer service and offer personalised products and services. Agility, scalability, and speed to react are a big advantage to smaller businesses.

5, 10, or 15 years ago things like personalisation didn’t matter as much because the market wasn’t that saturated. Today, with internet access and the fact that everybody can learn how to use digital tools, the competition is much higher. To stand out, businesses need to take some time to think hard about things like their customer service and ways they deliver exceptional customer experience. 

An equal playing field as people, consumers and businesses are not necessarily looking for big companies or established companies, but those that can offer a value add service, those that go an extra mile. 

Even if it’s a great time to open a business today, there must be plenty of challenges. Could you name some?

As mentioned, with accessibility and availability of knowledge comes tough competition. Over 835,000 businesses registered in the UK in the last year alone – if you think about it, that’s around 70k businesses per month. Tougher competition means you need to be faster, more adaptable, and extremely hard-working. But what you need is to work smarter. All you need is time. Time to write that proposal, time to conduct competitor research, you name it. I think with bigger competition, you also become even shorter on time, and that’s always a big challenge to handle in the small business operating environment. 

Let’s move to alldayPA – if you had to explain the value it provides to SMEs, how would you summarise it in just a few sentences?

We provide businesses and entrepreneurs with time. alldayPA gives you time to think, lead, reflect, enjoy… As call answering experts available 24/7/365 who pride themselves as leaders in B2B call answering, call handling, and receptionist services, we improve your customer service and experience. Pay per interaction instead of paying weekly or monthly fees and trust us with your customer interactions.

Why would small businesses come to alldayPA either before or after they have launched their business?

Imagine you work in the retail sector and who knows, maybe suddenly April has been so busy for you that you sold hundreds of products. And, obviously, with that come customer service issues, order issues, late deliveries, you name it. We handle all of that for you – be it a message, email, or phone call. Our staff are trained on using the latest technology tools that are constantly evolving. I think once you launch into the market, it’s key you make a really good first impression on your customers, potential business partners, and consumers. I think choosing to enhance your business with support helps you to build a really strong starting base, which is of crucial importance after you’ve just launched your venture. 

Thank you so much Reuben. Readers – did you find this Q&A with our Group CEO insightful? ? Make sure to leave your thoughts below!?