What challenges do we face when we work from anywhere and how can we tackle them?

The world is in a chaotic state. People are buying out all the toilet rolls again, world leaders are getting positive COVID tests, and the country seems on course for its second lockdown, which would mean most people having to work from anywhere again. Isn’t that just the best way to end the year? 

Of course, a huge chunk of the country is already working from home, and with this, many have realised the ‘work from anywhere’ approach is the way forward. But with all the positives of working from anywhere, there comes some negatives too. How can we tackle these issues and stay productive?

Feeling out of the loop

We don’t notice how much we collaborate in the office until we‘re removed from it. Often, someone will offer their opinion or stop by your desk to ask you a quick question. Remote work makes this more challenging and can leave us feeling a bit behind. 

A simple solution to this problem would be to create a group chat where your team can ask any quick questions without disrupting the workflow. This also helps keep that sense of camaraderie and teamwork, helping anyone who might be feeling the effects of isolation. A whopping 80% of people feel working from home has negatively impacted their mental health. So creating these channels where the team can talk, even if it’s about which biscuit is best, can go a long way.

Forgetting to clock out 

Being fully remote can bring some extra pressure. It’s so tempting to just have a quick peek at that email or just accept that quick call. And why wouldn’t you? Surely it’ll only take one second, so why not? 

The issue is, once this starts, it’s hard to stop. In fact, 36% of people find it hard to step away from their work while they’re at home. And before you know it, you’re answering every call no matter how late. It becomes a disruptive force in your life as it starts to interrupt meals and nights out with friends – friends that are at a 2 metres distance, of course. 

It’s important to shut off after work to allow yourself to do what you enjoy. You don’t want to burn out. And with 33% of employees saying they work on the weekends, we think there are plenty of people who need some time to chill out. Most people find it easier to relax after completing a ritual. This could be putting your things away, going for a walk, or watching a TV show. This way you’re stepping away from the workday and entering leisure time. Encourage your staff to find that work-life balance – and don’t forget to practice what you preach.

Distracting environments

We’ve all seen that clip on YouTube of the children bursting in the room and disrupting a live BBC interview. As funny as it is, we don’t really want that to happen to ourselves. To tackle the problem of distractions, it’s best to have a dedicated home office – or at least an isolated desk where you can work from. 

This way you are separated from others in the house and they know not to disturb you when you’re in that room or at that desk. This will also help in separating your work from your life, allowing you to disconnect much easier.

With the coronavirus making remote work more and more popular, it’s important we recognise potential problems and find solutions, keeping us productive and on the ball. For our customers’ sakes, we can’t let our service drop. But we also can’t always be there for them. Or can we?

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