8 Effective Ways for Securing Investment for Your Business

Looking to secure lucrative investment streams for your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

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Let’s take a look at 8 simple but effective ways that you can do so. 

8 ways for securing investment for your business

Successful businesses are the result of great ideas but, without funding, often many great ideas remain simply that – ideas. 

To help you get yours off the ground, whether you’re looking to start a new business or expand your existing one, here are the top things that you must do to secure investment.

  1. Have a strong business plan 

For any business hoping to grow and secure investment, it’s vital that they have a strong and clear business plan. Why? Because when investors are considering if your business is worth their money, the first thing they’re likely to do is to take a look at your business plan to determine whether there is a clear route to gaining profit, or if you are a risky investment. 

This plan doesn’t need to be particularly complex in itself, but it does need to evaluate the risk-benefit of your business and make its goals obvious to anyone who reads it. With our excellent customer service and business support, alldayPA can help you on the way to having the time to manage your business better, securing investment as it grows. 

  1. Ensure the management team is robust 

By robust, we mean a team of individuals with a wealth of relevant experience and the ability to adapt when necessary. Investors don’t expect a team of people who are experts in every business aspect, but they recognize the value of a leader who can identify their strengths and weaknesses and do what they can to ensure their success. 

Above all, a robust management team inspires confidence and suggests the ability for growth – especially when they are able to delegate tasks. One simple way you can free up your time as a leader is to consider a virtual receptionist, freeing up your time, but without the large overheads of an additional employee.  

  1. Work out how much funding you need

It’s one thing asking for funding, but without knowing how much is needed to advance your business, you won’t get very far. By working out roughly how much is needed to grow your business, you can relax knowing that you’re not asking for too much or too little to achieve your goals. 

When trying to secure investment and weighing up the potential expenses that your business will have, you can opt to outsource certain business functions like customer service as an effective way to keep costs low.  

  1. Always outline the unique selling points of the business 

Your unique selling points are just that – the factors that make you stand out from the crowd. However that manifests itself in your business, make sure that any potential investors know how you’re unique and what makes you better than your rivals. 

As well as being unique, to really attract an investor’s attention, you also need to prove that you’ve thought about the future of your business by keeping track of the market, how it’s changing, and what impact that might have on your business. The best example of this at the moment is virtual working and cloud call centers

  1. Be aware of the due diligence process 

 A lot of mergers or investment deals fail when it comes to the due diligence process and certain details are revealed.

The due diligence process is especially important to investors because it’s the process that helps them to protect their own business and assets. Without due diligence, they might find that they are liable for something they didn’t intentionally cause and have to fork out financial compensation to help deal with the fallout. 

To get ahead and save yourself a bit of time, do what you can to prepare for this process and complete as much of the paperwork side of things as you can in advance. 

Although it can work out expensive to bring in professionals to help you do this, it’s likely to save a lot of hassle and money for you and will ultimately help investors to decide whether you’re going to be an asset or a liability to them. 

  1. Improve your customer services

Improving your customer service will have several benefits for your business. By boosting customer satisfaction, you will see a rise in revenue, as customers will keep coming back to your business. 

In addition to this, new customers will be more attracted to your business, also increasing leads and conversions. And, most importantly in context, increasing revenue and conversion rates will be more attractive when trying to secure investors. 

At alldayPA, customer service is our bread and butter. We have a variety of flexible solutions that are sure to meet your customer service needs. From call answering to a virtual receptionist, or even an outsourced call center – no matter how much or little you require, our customer service experts can take it all off your plate. 

  1. Have an exit plan just in case 

Whilst this appears to contradict the very purpose of looking for an investment, it’s vital for both your business and for any possible investors that you have an exit plan in place or at least in mind. Hopefully, you’re never in a position where you need to exit, but just on the off chance that you do, you’ll be glad you took the time to come up with one. 

Prior to receiving an investment, potential investors may ask to see an exit plan within three to seven years, so having one pre-made will benefit both of you. 

  1. Find your investors! 

This might seem like the easiest step in comparison with the others on this list, but it can actually be one of the most complicated. This is because there are so many different types of rules you have to follow, and it can get overwhelming – to say the least. Luckily, you can allocate more time towards finding investors by outsourcing your call answering and scheduling

One factor to remember is that the amount of funding you require will have an impact on the type of investors that you look for. For example, smaller businesses and those looking for smaller investments might search for what’s known as an angel investor – someone who is able to provide more than just money and who can give guidance on your business journey. 

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Each business will have an entirely unique experience when it comes to securing investment, but however you look at it, it’s best to go into the process as prepared as possible.

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