How Diary Management Services can Benefit your Business.

Running a business and managing staff members encompasses an array of administrative tasks that are required for the smooth running of  proceedings. These tasks go far beyond arranging larger projects such as Tax returns, salaries, and scheduling appointments for clients. Even smaller errands that include ordering stationery and arranging repairs can collectively absorb a significant amount of time from your in-house staff members.

Unfortunately, this blog post is not here to reveal to you that we’ve invented a stationery buying hoover-bot that can also do your tax returns.

However, our services do offer an efficient solution that takes some of the administrative heartaches out of your daily duties. Our diary management service can be incorporated into your existing telephone answering package– extended to 24/7/365 customer service.

What is a Diary Management Service?

If you’re already thinking of outsourcing your calls or signing onto a call overflow service, then why not consider one that also manages your appointments? alldayPA’s call operators adapt for your business’ needs and tone when answering calls and handling incoming enquiries. If new or existing customers want to book an appointment, then our virtual receptionists will have access to your business’ timetable and schedule appointments directly. Essentially enabling you to streamline your customer service, reduce your overhead costs, and extend your call answering capacity to 24 hours a day.

How Diary Management Works:

  1. When signing up with a telephone answering service, you can either choose to keep your existing business number or be given a new one to divert your calls to.
  2. Once the divert is all set up, our call centre can either act as an overflow service, or where all your incoming calls are outsourced to.
  3. When a call from your business comes through to our specialised call operators, they can either directly book appointments on your system, take down a message to send across to you, or use our virtual switchboard to transfer the line to a relevant person in your business.
  4. Our call operators will have access to your online diary and will, therefore, advise clients on the best available times for appointments and book them in, as if sat at your reception. These appointments will automatically be updated for your in-house staff.

Seamlessly integrate your diaries so any new appointments are shown in real time to prevent any issues with double bookings or missed appointments.

Sectors That Benefit from Diary Management.

Diary management services have a broad range of application in business sectors. Below are some of the most common sectors that use our diary management services:

1. Property Appointment Booking

Whether you’re an estate agent or a private landlord, a diary management service can help you keep track of viewings diary up to date with viewings. It also means that potential tenants can still book viewings even if you’re out of the office for the majority of the day.

2. Consultant Appointment Booking

If there’s one profession that takes more meetings than any other it’s probably consultancy. Whether its checking in with existing clients or going to meetings to seal new business deals, a diary management service can help run these affairs more smoothly in your consultancy.

3. Medical Diary Management

Patients like to be able to book appointments with doctors at a time convenient to them. Instead of keeping your reception open late into the evening for patients who have irregular working hours, outsource your reception and diary management to make it easy for your patients to get appointments as and when they need them.

4. Restaurant Table Booking

Lastly, restaurants and the hospitality industry is a sector that you might not immediately consider when thinking of business who’d outsource their calls. When someone calls in to book a table at a restaurant, they’re essentially booking an appointment. Diary management can effectively ease some weight off waitresses and help restaurants maintain maximum customer service by taking bookings even during the busiest hours for your restaurant.

If you’re interested in a diary management service, simply enquire online for a quote today.