Legal telephone answering: Why normal message taking won’t work for legal firms

The legal sector is one of the better adopters of telephone answering services. While there are some industries seemingly oblivious to the fact the service exists, legal telephone answering has been commonplace for some time.

However, while legal telephone answering is common, that doesn’t mean every law firms is getting the most out of their telephone answering service.

This is particularly true in instances where a law firm is using a basic message taking service to provide their legal telephone answering.

Today we’re going to take a look at why message taking isn’t a good solution for legal telephone answering and what alternatives there are in the call handling market.

Let’s take a look.

Message taking requires too many call backs

One of the main problems with a message taking service is it requires too many call backs.

When someone calls into a law firm they want to speak to someone who can help them with their enquiry. If they simply get to leave a name and a number with a promise someone will be back in touch, this is a bad customer experience.

When it comes to legal telephone answering, law firms should look for a service that minimises the number of calls that have to be made by the clients, not one that increases them.

Legal telephone answering can provide lead qualification.

Another benefit that legal firms miss out on when they use a message taking service is lead qualification.

When you choose a more in depth legal telephone answering provider, you can use the service to qualify leads and take down basic administrative information.

The PA who answers the call will get all the callers information before transferring the call through to the most relevant person in the practice.

This is beneficial as it reduces the amount of time fee earners have to spend on the phone doing basic admin tasks and allows them to maximise their earning potential.

It also speeds up the process for the caller which is highly beneficial.

DSCC calls

A legal phone answering service can also be useful when it comes to fielding DSCC calls.

The legal telephone answering service will answer all calls that come in to the practice 24/7. In the even that it is a DSCC call they answering service can dial out to your on call solicitors to see if anyone is available.

This is not possible when you use a basic message taking service; you are instead forced to rely on solicitors using their mobile phones and possibly missing the call.

For more info on this check out our blog on emergency call answering services.

Bespoke legal telephone answering services.

So what is the alternative to basic message taking when it comes to choosing a legal telephone answering service?

At alldayPA we can provide a completely bespoke legal telephone answering service that is tailored to the needs of your practice.

From providing 24 hour cover to qualifying calls and dialling out to on call solicitors, we are able to create a complete package to benefit your communication strategy.

To find out more, visit our outsourced call centre page.