11 sectors that can benefits from a phone answering service

Often, phone answering services are associated with sole traders and entrepreneurs who want to look like a bigger, slicker business.

While it’s true this is one way to use a phone answering service, almost every business in every sector could find some benefit from using a phone answering service.

Today we’re going to take a look at 11 different sectors with interesting uses for phone answering services. Let’s jump in.

Law Firms

Like many other professional services, law firms may think that they’re above using a phone answering service.

They can be concerned that a phone answering service wouldn’t be able to provide the high standards expected within the legal sector.

While it’s true that some basic message taking services might not be up to scratch for law firms, there are lots of phone answering services right here in the UK that can provide the high standards of care expected in the legal sector.

One way lots of law firms use phone answering services is to qualify new enquiries and save fee earners time.

This provides a better experience for the clients as they can speak to a real person straight away and start the process, and it works for the practice because it keeps fee earners off the phone as much as possible.

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Accountancy Firms

Much like the legal sector, finance and accountancy firms may worry about the legitimacy of phone answering services.

There is really is no reason to worry though.

Good phone answering services will be up to speed with data protection standards, and some will even take your calls from within an FCA accredited call centre.

A phone answering service is great for supporting accountancy firms, especially during seasonal rushes such as the end of the tax year.

Phone answering means that clients can always talk to a real person and leave a message even if there is no one in the office ready to take a call.

Estate Agents

The process of buying or renting a property often involves lots of calls back and forth between the estate agent, the property owner, and the buyer or renter.

That’s why a phone answering service works so well for estate agents.

The estate agent can spend more time out of the office meeting clients and leading viewings, safe in the knowledge all their calls are being managed by the phone answering service.

Some phone answering services can even provide diary management to keep things running smoothly.


If you’re a private landlord you probably have service level agreements with tenants, promising respond to emergencies 24/7. A phone answering service is the easiest way to manage this promise.

Most phone answering services will be able to field calls from tenants 24/7 and deal with the tenant’s issue.

They’ll be able to qualify if an incident needs immediate attention of if it can wait till the morning, significantly reducing the amount of times you’ll have to field calls from disgruntled tenants in the middle of the night.

Facilities Management Companies

Similarly to Landlords, Facilities Management companies will benefit from phone answering services when it comes to meeting service level agreements.

FM firms will also benefit when it comes to arranging visits from people like groundskeepers, window cleaners, and any other maintenance people that visit properties in their care.

A phone answering service will help to keep communication clear and stop any slip ups when it comes to arranging services from maintenance teams.


If you’re running a shop people might have questions about your opening hours, what stock you’ve got available, or your location.

A phone answering service is an easy way to field these enquiries, allowing you to keep your full attention on customers in store.

This means that your callers get great customer service from the phone answering provider, and your customers in store get great customer service from you.

It’s an easy way to improve the customer experience across all channels.

E-commerce Companies

One of the biggest channels for e-commerce companies is dealing with enquiries relating to delivery. If you’ve ever worked for an e-commerce firm you’ll know this from experience.

A phone answering service will help massively when it comes to this process, ensuring no callers ever get put through to an answering machine or hear an engaged tone, and generally providing rapid resolutions to enquiries across the board.


When you’re running a restaurant you want to get as many covers possible a night. That means always being ready to answer the phone and take reservations.

The only problem is, you don’t want staff on the floor to be torn away from your clientele to go and answer the phone.

With a phone answering service this isn’t an issue.

The phone answering service can answer your calls and manage reservations, while your team in-house can provide a great service for your customers in the building.

Medical Practices

Medical practices, whether doctors, dentists or even vets, all have similar challenges when it comes to running the reception and managing calls.

A phone answering service can help by managing reception call overflow at your busiest times, making sure that your patients can always talk to a real person and book an appointment.

Recruitment Firms

When you’re a recruiter one of the biggest challenges can be getting hold of potential candidates.

Understandably they might not want to talk during their normal working shift, which means you’ll get a lot of calls coming in at evening and weekends.

A phone answering service makes it easy to manage calls that come in out of hours, allowing your recruiters some well-earned time off without having to worry about answering calls.

Corporate Businesses

Even big corporate companies with their own call centres can benefit from phone answering services.

A phone answering service can be useful for managing things like accident reporting lines and whistleblowing lines, and they’re a third-party companies so can provide complete impartiality.

They provide an easy way for large businesses to provide impartial safeguarding for their staff, and for staff working in regional satellite sites to have a direct unfiltered line to head office. Fore more information take a look at our emergency call handling services.

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