Moneypenny vs AllDayPA: The Reasons Why You Should Choose AllDayPA to Assist Your Small Business

When you’re looking to outsource your customer service, it’s hard to know which company to trust and which one is right for your needs. After all, ‘outsourced customer service’ can encompass a range of services such as telephone answering, outsourced live chat, email management, social media enquiry monitoring, and so much more. As well as this, depending on what industry you’re in and the size of your business, ‘customer service’ will look different for each and every business owner or team. Then, you have to consider how big your customer base is, and how big your business is too. 

We know it can be hard to navigate the process of choosing who to outsource your customer service to, which is why we’re here to tell you why alldayPA is the ideal solution for small businesses compared to one of our main competitors, Moneypenny. As two influential businesses in the industry, you might be trying to decipher what sets us apart and which is best for you. In this blog, we’re going to talk you through the reasons why the team at alldayPA are best suited to help you with your customer service.

Don’t need any further convincing? Ready to speak to our team? We’d love to hear from you! Give us a call – whether you’re a one-man band or have a small customer service team working hard behind the scenes, we’re confident that we can support you in a way that helps your business to grow and maximises customer satisfaction.

Moneypenny vs. alldayPA: Things to consider 

A 24/7 service – Additional charges vs no extra fees

One of the most important aspects of a customer service outsourcing solution is the operating hours. As our methods of communication and technology continue to evolve, businesses are now recognising the need for a 24/7 answering service. After all, many people now have smartphones that allow them to get in touch at any time, from anywhere. People work different hours now too – it isn’t just 9-5 – so they might choose to reach out to your business beyond your standard opening hours. As such, having someone there to answer their query at any time is vital for amazing customer service.

Here at alldayPA, we charge no extra fee for a professional, 24-hour service. There are no hidden costs – our PAs will be on hand to answer your incoming calls and messages around the clock. This part of the service often means that users incur extra fees – many telephone answering companies and customer service businesses, like Moneypenny, will often charge an extra fee for this. So, you might be wondering why exactly we do this as a standard part of our service. The answer is simple – we believe that customers deserve to be responded to no matter when they reach out to you. That shouldn’t be an additional benefit or an ‘add-on’ – that should be a given!

Personalised customer service – The importance of the human touch…

We’re big advocates of customer service with a personalised touch, and rightly so. You might have heard us beating this drum on several key pages and blogs across our website, such as our Ultimate Guide To Customer Service. It’s only because we think that a personal approach to customer service is absolutely crucial for success. It’s just one of the many ways that we can help you to go above and beyond for your customer base…

Moneypenny, like many other telephone answering and customer service companies, has started to use a host of technology to deliver its services. Yet much of this technology can compromise a personalised approach – take the chatbot as a prime example. Many of these companies have now started to use bots – and other technologies like interactive voice response (IVR) – to communicate with customers. Whilst these can be great if you’re looking to boost efficiency, they lack any personal touch. On the other hand, humans provide an unrivalled degree of personalisation.

That’s why we always use humans to operate our services and technology, including live chats… 

…and that’s hard to come by these days. Personalised customer service can be anything from simple actions like tweaking your tone of voice to match the customer’s, or providing a service/solution that’s tailored to them based on the data about their journey so far, which might be found on your CRM. It’s easy enough for humans to provide this type of service but, as clever as bots can be, this is something that still isn’t always done right when they’re implemented.

Customer scripts – Various levels of customisation

As we’ve just noted, providing a personalised service that’s tailored exactly to your customers’ needs is essential. It’s no different for us, either – all of our customers and the businesses that we work with are different, which means that we have to tailor our approach every single time we deal with an inbound enquiry. The starting point for this is using custom scripts that are tailored not just to your industry but to your business and the type of customers that you interact with. Of course, most telephone answering companies will allow for the customisation of scripts, but the level of customisation can vary.

We allow for fully customisable scripts, not just by sector, but within…

We’ll collaborate with you to make sure that the scripts we’re using are to your liking, and that they suit your branding and tone. On the other hand though, some companies – such as Moneypenny – don’t facilitate detailed customisation. For instance, the scripts might vary by sector, but not within. That’s not the case here at alldayPA – we don’t think it’s enough to tailor scripts just by industry. There are so many different types of businesses and customers within each individual sector, so we believe that the customisation needs to be more granular. That’s exactly what we provide. 

Additional benefits from alldayPA

Scalable packages suitable for a range of businesses

Businesses are always changing – the business that you were when you joined us might not necessarily be the same business in a few months time, or a year down the line. We love watching SMEs turn into larger businesses over time! That’s why we make it easy for you to scale the service that you receive from us, at any time. Whether you’re with us for a call handling serviceemail managementlive chat management or social media monitoring, you can easily adjust your level of service by getting in touch with us. For instance, you might come on board and use our most basic package, where we answer your overflow calls. Then, in the future, you might want to scale this area of your service, or even make use of some of the others that we have on offer. 

Improved efficiency within your business

We work with a whole host of businesses from sole traders to law firmsmarketing agenciesestate agentsconstruction firms, and everything in between. Whilst the benefits experienced from the use of our services will differ depending on the nature of these businesses and their business models, one advantage remains the same across the board. By allowing us to deal with your incoming customer interactions and callers, you’ll have more time to deal with other important business matters, thus improving efficiency within your company. For a start, you won’t have to deal with cold callers again!

Business continuity without compromising quality

Facilitating business continuity is at the heart of business success – if there are any bumps in the road, you need to be able to tackle them and come out pretty unscathed on the other side. Here at alldayPA, we do everything we can to ensure that your business can continue to operate at all times. Firstly, we do this by offering a 24/7 service. Whatever the time and whatever their needs, your customers can always reach your business. Forget standard opening hours, you’ll be accessible at all times. Secondly, we have four contact centres around the UK – power outages don’t need to be an issue! If an outage occurs in one area, the other contact centres will pick up the interactions – your customers will never be left unanswered.

Substantial investments to bring you a fantastic service

We care deeply about helping our clients to succeed with our help. As such, we’re always making investments to make this happen. That doesn’t just mean investing money into our business, but investing time into the people here too. We’re always looking to use the most effective technology out there to provide a seamless service (take the £15m investment into state-of-the-art call handling technology as an example!) but, and perhaps most importantly, from the moment our PAs join us we’re always aiding their development to ensure that experienced people are providing you with an outstanding service. 

Peace of mind that your customer interactions are being handled by experts

The skills needed for a job role here at alldayPA should never be underestimated. We make sure we hire the very best in customer service and continue to provide them with development and training opportunities so that they never stop learning. So, you can rest assured that your customer interactions are being handled by dedicated people with experience in your sector, whilst you get on with other important business tasks.

Contact us to find out more

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons as to why alldayPA is the right choice for small businesses, including yours. For example, we offer a 24/7 service for no extra cost – you can enjoy a 30-day free trial and reap the benefits of outsourced customer service that’s centred around personalisation and ‘the human touch’. Of course, this is just a broad overview – there are so many benefits you’ll reap when you use our service, many of which will be specific to your industry and your business. But, there’s a reason why we’re a trusted communications partner to businesses in a variety of industries – over the years, we’ve helped around 24,000 clients!

If you’d like any further details including information about our packages or how we can add to the success of your business, then we’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to us at any time by calling and speaking to our team.